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Addicted to Sweat

My name is Christine, and I’m addicted to sweat.

I’m scrounging to get my heart rate elevated enough to break a sweat. It’s been hard to come by. I at least feel luke warm while working out. I’m ready for a good old fashion butt kick of a run where it feels like a gallon of stress, worry, everything comes out my pores. I have more than enough anxiety from this injury to run out, almost ironic in a way. My soul misses the zen state that comes from running. I hope a great run is around the corner. Until then I did:

3.5 Miles Walk (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 42:33)

1 Set, 30 Reps, Sit Ups, BOSU

1 Set, 25 Reps, Tricep Extension, 5lbs FW

1 Set, 15 Reps, Bicep Curls, 10lbs FW

1 Set, 15 Reps, Hammer Curls, 10lbs FW

1 Set 15 Reps, Front Delt, 10lbs FW

1 Set, 2 Mins, Plank

1 Set, 45 Secs, Side Plank