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2010 Operation Santa – 4M – 28:11

Today’s race is at the Peoria Chief’s baseball stadium and the race raises money to send care packages to the troops.

This 4 Mile race loops around the stadium and finishes near home plate. It was melting hot today. We met up with some of our friends: Jo, Drew and Carrie!

Some pictures before the race.

Me, Rob and Drew.

Me and Carrie.

Flexin’ 🙂 Care for a ticket to our “gun show”?

Carrie was a our pit crew for this race due to her sinuses. Rob ended up also joining the pit crew last-minute because his stomach wasn’t well today. Turned out to be the right move because it was so blistering hot. I was miserable and I knew that Rob would have gotten sick.

Since the race laps around I got to see Rob and Carrie a few times. I was too busy melting in the sun to be able to mutter much back to them. I was lead female up to 3.5 miles. Rob was great with the cheering and also with information about how far off the other ladies were. I couldn’t muster any more energy though and ended up 2nd female overall and 1st in my Age Group!

Coming into the finish.

An article mentioning my 2nd female place in the race.

My award is a tiny bat with some Peoria Cheifs’ signatures on it.

Me attempting to pose like I’m swinging a bat, but I have no clue how to stand. 😉

And for the heck of it, an attempt of me to look menacing with my bat. LOL!

Up close picture of the bat. I will be trying to make out who these names are in case any of them make to the Cubs!! 🙂

No PR today, 28:11. However, I had ZERO knee pain. I felt physically all there, I just melted too quickly in the heat this time. I hope that I’m able to speed it up at the upcoming races! 😀



7:03 Pace

F 30-34: 1/?

F: 2/?

Overall: 27/283


Catch Up

Time for a little blogging catch up! Here’s what’s been going on…

Thursday was 7 Miles General Aerobic on the Treadmill followed by a movie with Rob. 🙂

7 Miles General Aerobic (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 52:53, 7:34 Pace)

Friday was 5 Miles Easy in the neighborhood with Rob, followed by spa time and dinner with Mary.

5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 39:02, 7:49 Pace)

Saturday we were set to fly to Michigan for lunch, but the plane appears to need some tweaking so we ended up turning around. Better safe than sorry!  I then did 8 Miles General Aerobic W/8 X 100 M Strides on the treadmill.

8 Miles General Aerobic W/8 X 100M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 59:44, 7:28 Pace)

Sunday Rob and I set out for our 11 Miles at 8am and it was very hot, 83 degrees and it felt baking. My time fell off on the last three miles, it was brutal. We spent the rest of the day boating with our friends Drew and Carrie, which felt great after a melting long run.

Rob and Me.

Me and Carrie.

11 Miles Med-Long (‘Hood,  1:30:42, 8:15 Pace)

Total Weekly Miles: 36.2

So my mileage for recovery from the IL Marathon is back on track! I’m having no knee pain!! It feels so good to be running regularly again!!


Back To It?

This week I will attempt to get back to it so to speak. I will rejoin the mileage of the Week 4 IL Marathon recovery training plan. I won’t push for intensity, just mileage and see how it goes. If it’s too much I’ll back it off.

Today would be a cross training night. I was going to jump rope outside, but it’s storming here. I can’t yet bike, it causes too much bend in my knee. So instead I just did weight lifting.

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Chest Press, 80lbs, Bowflex

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Chest Flys, 80lbs, Bowflex

2 Sets, 25 Reps, Sit Ups, BOSU

1 Set, 15 Reps, Oblique Crunches, BOSU

1 Set, 10 Reps, 10 Secs Ea, Bridge

1 Set, 15 Reps, Push Ups

While Standing on BOSU:

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Hammer Curls, 10lbs

1 Set, 15 Reps, Tricep Ext, 8lbs

1 Set, 8 Reps, Tricep Ext, 8lbs

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Shoulder Press, 16lbs

2 Sets, 15 Reps, Front Delt, 10lbs

1 Set, 8 Reps, Squats, 8lbs