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Heart House – 4 Mile – 27:16

Today’s race has rolling hills for the first and last mile. It was a pretty day, but quite windy.

Since our guest speaking at Catch the Wave I’ve received a very nice email and then today I was stopped after getting our packet by a woman who also saw us speak and said how much she enjoyed it. 🙂 Then during the race the best part was on the turn around and so many people were saying “Go Christine”, “Go 56 (my bib number)”. It made me so happy! Rob said that he had the same thing happen to him. 🙂

Rob got a PR with 25:52 and was 3rd in his Age Group!

I ended up 3rd female and 1st in my Age Group, plus a new PR to boot!

My new time of 27:16 beat my previous 4M PR of 27:39 from November 2009 and my time on this same course in 2009 was 32:49.

After our race we headed out with some fellow runners and did a cool down running on the opposite side of the course which meant we got the chance to say “good job” back to runners coming in. I saw a lady who was working hard and caught her eye to see she was struggling a bit and I asked if she wanted company and could I run in with her. She said yes and I asked her if she had run this course before and she said it was her first race ever. She took intermittent walk breaks and was worried that she would be last in. I assured her that 1) she was not last and 2) there is no last person in this race, last place is for the people sitting at home not doing anything today. I told her how awesome it was she was doing this and how I was exactly where she is three years ago. She got a little sick and tried to apologize and I said “sorry” should be a curse word in running, “please don’t say sorry”. I told her that getting sick is like a badge of honor, and all runners do it eventually,  it means you are pushing yourself hard. I told her if she gets sick in the finish chute to not worry, that she gets cool points for it. We get close to the finish and I said to push all she had left as hard as she could and she could rest for the rest of the day. She did just that and I grabbed her a water and met her at the end of the chute, had her look back at all the people still finishing, and said how you feel right now is how all of us feel regardless of our pace, it’s hard work out there! I introduced myself and gave her a hug. Then her friends and family showed up to congratulate her and I said “she did it!” and told her I hope to see her at more races and left her to celebrate and relax.



6:49 Pace

F 30-34: 1/10

F: 3/?

Overall: 22/184