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2010 CIDA – 5K – 21:29

This morning was a 5K race out of town. It was 35 degrees with a light breeze. The race went well and I felt good, but I didn’t get a PR. I finished in 21:29. I did get 2nd Female Overall and 1st in my Age Group!!

Rob got a new PR and 3rd in his Age Group with a 19:57!!!

1-3 Overall Female and Male results were pulled out and were supposed to get a medal as overall winners. However this race is not the best organized, and they ended up only having awards for the 1st Overall Female/Male. So there was no medal for us Overall winners coming in 2nd and 3rd as the race advertised. Then they still kept the times for 1-3 Overall Female/Male pulled out meaning we were not included in the Age Group results. Our friend Ryan got 3rd Overall Male and said this sort of thing happens all the time to him.

We had some good laughs about it and waited until the end of the race to take our prize in another way….yeah we stocked up on all the left over goodies. As Ryan and I helped ourselves to a case of Vitamin water each a volunteer was like ‘please take them so they don’t go to waste’ and I was like ‘don’t worry, we will’. 🙂 More than made up for the award situation and was quite funny! I have cereal and water to last awhile. 🙂

Rob, Me, Ryan, and Chris

Me and Ryan. Us overall winners stock it up baby, lol!

Rob and his 3rd Age Group award.

After lunch we went to the local running store to get the new Nike Lunaracer+2s!! My first racing flats! And I needed some new socks too. 🙂

Now they posted results and do acknowledge me and Ryan as each 1st in our Age Groups, but that was not the case at the awards ceremony. What a mess. I emailed the race director to at least make them aware that their volunteers weren’t even willing to listen to us when we asked them about it. Oh well, we still had a lot fo fun!



6:53 Pace

F: 2/?

F 30-34: 1/13

Overall: 28/248