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IL Marathon Training: Week 3 Complete

Complete-ish. I’m missing 11 Miles. I rearranged my running for a busy week and planned to finish up tonight with 11 Miles, but my left hip has other plans. My left hip has been tight for a couple days and I’ve been nursing it along. Then at mile 2 of the 5K race today it was shooting pain something fierce. I’m not ready to call this an injury, rather a set back. It’s feels muscular or IT band-ish. So more Aleeve, heating pad, a hot soak with Epsom Salt, some Icy Hot and no 11 Miles.

Normally I would be in a fit about this already, but surprisingly not yet. I’m surprised how calm I’ve been about it. Just treat it and move forward. Hopefully it comes around in a couple days. If not, I’m off to the physical therapist.

Here is what I got done this week:

M: Bike 8.8 Miles (P4, L6, 30:00, 17.6 mph), Abs and Upper Body Strengthening

T: 6 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 45:01, 7:31 Pace), Push Ups

W: Rest

R: Rest

F: 13 Miles Long (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:35:10, 7:20 Pace), Push Ups

Sa: 9 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 1:10:50, 7:53 Pace)

Su: 3.1 Miles Race (St. Pat’s 5K, 21:31, 6:56 Pace, 1st Age Group)

Total: 31.1 Miles


2010 St. Pat’s – 5K – 21:31

Today was the St. Pat’s 5K. It was 41ish degrees with a 15mph making it about 35ish and the wind made it feel chilly. The course is flat and a lot of fun.

Rob PRed with a 20:06!

I came in at 21:31. I didn’t get a PR today, but I did get 1st in my Age Group!

We caught up with some friends afterward.

Us. I got a bit of granola on my teeth, classy. 😉

Me and my award. ***Ding Ding Ding*** I’m rich bitch! LOL 😀 The award was $10 to a local pub. 



6:56 Pace

F 30-34: 1/59 (1.7%)

Overall 59/596 (9.9%)