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Mercedes Marathon Recovery: Week 1 Day 6

In a non-running, non-flying note, Rob and I hung out with our friends Steve and Mary today at a local pub that was having a benefit for a pet rescue foundation. An entry fee got us food, drink and a raffle ticket with the proceeds going to help keep their facility running. They also had items for sale so we did some shopping. Coco was very happy with the new dog toys we brought home to her. We also won in the raffle a free 8 week obedience class for Coco at a new facility in town. I’m so excited and hope we can get into a class this spring! I think it will be a lot of fun for her as well as us. 🙂

Us at the event. I forgot to put the flash on so the pics turned out all grainy.

Steve and Mary. 🙂

After dinner I did 4 Miles Recovery on the treadmill and upper body weights.