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Mercedes Marathon Recovery: Week 1 Day 5

This week is very light in mileage. This week has been super busy so I took advantage and took some rest days. I’m recovering from this marathon much quicker than the last one. I was stiff the day after and then sore going downstairs. Today I did 4 Miles Recovery on the Treadmill. My quads felt tight so I stretched and they feel much better now.

I forgot to mention that I have updated pics for my Mercedes Marathon post! Also Rob and I are in Start Corral C for Chicago Marathon! If our times continue to improve we may be able to update our corral if they still have space.

I did get some new kicks. I’m trying the Nike LunarElite. They are lighter than a LunarGlide and the fit is different. They seem to hug my ankle tighter and have more arch support. I’m not digging the toe box, it’s more pointed like an old style golf shoe. As far as the ‘ride’, only 4 miles tonight, but it feels light, smooth, and comfortable. I will need to put in some more time to see if they are in the rotation.