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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 12 Day 5

Last night was a late night of packing to head to Birmingham. While getting things in order, I received more Valentine’s from my hubby. It’s a Lego John Hancock and Sears Tower and a dozen roses. We got engaged at the John Hancock and are in love with Chicago so Rob got me these to put at my desk to remind me of our city. 🙂

We were in bed by midnight and up by 3am. It was very hard to get up and going, but we were out the door around 5am for a very long 10 hour drive.

There were many stops along the way for Coco and to refill up on water. I decided to pose in Metropolis, IL. 😀

Alabama was experiencing the biggest snow they have seen in a long time, with about 2 inches of accumulation. However the roads were clear, just wet. Snow is like air in IL so it was no big thing to us. The best part was all the big trees here with a light dusting of snow, they looked so pretty.

Once we were checked into the hotel it was time to find the expo and low and behold the expo was in the same complex as the hotel! I knew it was close, but I wasn’t aware it was that close! The expo was very small. In a matter of a couple minutes we had our bib number and goodies. The finisher shirts were not given out and they said we receive them at the end of the race. We also got to see the Mercedes SUV that they used to have a drawing for at this race, but quit doing a couple years ago, *sigh*.

Here is what we scored at the expo: marathon hat, throw away gloves, cup, snickers energy bar, post its, and bandaids. We also picked up a Mercedes headband and wallet each from their booth. My bib number is 410 and Rob is 409 if you want to keep an eye on our results.

We got a 26.2 for the SUV and I scored a new sweet Nike running shirt/jacket hybrid thing with Mercedes Marathon logo on it too.

And it has thumb holes too! Score!

We were utterly exhausted from the lack of sleep and long drive, but we had a run to do. So after some Subway for dinner we headed to the gym to get in our run. I did 5 Miles recovery. The equipment was very nice and pratcially new. The down side it was freaking HOT in the room, like sauna 80-90 degrees HOT. It was one of the worst runs I’ve ever had because it was just so miserable. It couldn’t have been over fast enough. Afterward we took a quick dip in the the pool. Now it’s time to sleep a century and then relax all day tomorrow.