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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 11 Day 1



Okay a tad dramatic, but that’s how I am about running (or a lot of stuff). I had a great 16 Mile Long run on the treadmill with no pain! I can’t say that running that long after a 10 hour work day is 100% enjoyable, but running with no pain was the best! It was like waking up from a bad dream. I felt instantly better afterward and more like myself. Now I feel ready to taper and think about the logistics of the marathon weekend. Cannot wait!!

I took some Aleeve post run just to help make sure nothing creeps up post run.

Thank you so much for your kind posts, emails, texts through this freak out. I appreciate all the support!

11 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 11 Day 1

  1. I’m happy for you! You’ll run an awesome race 🙂

  2. I’m glad there was no pain! I can’t imagine how nervous/worried you were.

  3. That is great news!!!

  4. That is so great! Let me know if you need any info on Birmingham.

  5. Yipe, yipe, yipe!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. im glad to hear your run went well!!! the marathon is COMING SOON!!!

  7. hey girlie! i didn’t know you were injured…albeit temporarily! 😦 glad you are doing better! loving your new iphone i see! chat soon!

  8. I’m glad your ankle is ok! You’re going to have an awesome marathon!

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