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January 2010 Stats

I had to miss 2.5 runs this month, two of those being just this weekend. ūüė¶

I still had my highest mileage month so far. It would have been neat to have my over 200 mile month, but some other time.

Run: 196.8 Miles

Bike: 29.2 Miles

Strength Training: 22 Times (I’ve been doing a little bit here and there)

Other: 3 Times (Pilates, TriggerPoint)


Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Complete?


Sooooo¬†my weekend hasn’t been without drama. Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning the house. Around dinner time we decide to head out run some errands and pick up food to make dinner. I slip off my Uggs¬†and then reach up to one of our closet shelves and am on my tippy toes barefoot when I feel a strong pop in my right lower Achilles area near the heel. My comment was ‘that felt weird’. Within a minute of walking around¬†I get a stabbing pain in the same location,¬†strong enough that I have to hobble to¬†the bed¬†and proceed¬†to lay there, freak out and cry. Rob was super nice to me and became a PT checking out which ranges of motion seemed to hurt. Anything where being on the tippy toes hurt. I was down for the count. No 11 mile run for me that night. Instead lots of ice alternating for the rest of the night and Aleeve.

I woke up this morning to having more¬†mobility, but I could still feel a tinge of soreness in that area. Kind of like working out too hard sore feeling, not stabbing like yesterday. I wore my ace bandage anytime I wasn’t icing my ankle area and had more Aleeve. My husband has been patiently listening to me worry all day long. Then I proceeded to bug Rebecca¬†with my troubles.¬†Rob and Rebecca both said don’t run, it’s not worth it so I pulled the plug on my 16 miler¬†today. ūüė¶ I tried to cope by doing my Advanced Body Slimming Pilates DVD and Trigger Point. This evening I’m having no tinges of anything. I will wait and see how I feel tomorrow and may do my 16 miler on the treadmill after work, only if I’m still feeling good.¬†Even though I have a plan and am feeling better I still ended up bugging Nicole and Stevi¬†with this too. There isn’t anything more I can do at this point, but sometimes venting helps some.

So here is what I did get done this week:

M: Rest, Push Ups

T: Rest, Push Ups

W: 6 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 47:24, 7:54 pace), Abs

R: 8 Miles VO2 Max W/5 X 600M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:00:33, 7:35 pace), Push Ups

F: 4 Miles Recovery + Speed W/6 X 100M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 30:02, 7:31 pace), Abs

Sa: Rest – Hurt ūüė¶

Su: 23 Mins Pilates, 30 Mins TriggerPoint

Total: 18 Miles


Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Day 4

Tonight was 8 Miles VO2 Max W/5 X 600M Strides followed by some push ups.

I’ve noticed that shoe laces in¬†the lime color version of my Nike LunarGlides loosen up easily while running. So I’ll probably finish my training in my white pair and see if they are any better. I don’t want to have to mess with them during the next marathon.

We got news today that the St. Louis Half Marathon is giving out 10 Year Anniversary running bags for the Marathoners, Half Marathoners, and Marathon Relay participants. So that’s a nice surprise!


Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Day 3

Week 10! Wow! The marathon is nearly here!

Tonight was 6 Miles Recovery on the treadmill and some ab work.

I was worried¬†that my theme wouldn’t allow for larger sized images, but it appears¬†that the issue of smaller images¬†is¬†just¬†related to¬†the import of¬†my previous blog. So I’ll probably go back and update some of the images from past posts.