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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 4 Day 5


Today was 5 Miles Recovery that I ran outside.

Our McMillian DVD “Drills for Distance Running” arrived in the mail so we watched it.

And I can’t say it was great. There majority of the DVD was body looseners and then just a handful of drills (side skip, karaoke, skip, butt kick, straight leg run, short sprint). For $17 I would expect some camera effects like slow motion with some computer overlay to highlight angles of the body or something. The drills were not broken down very much or with much camera angle to descern appropriate form. You can probably find most of these drills from various running websites and places like youtube. I had a higher expectation for this purchase. The DVD included trailers for the Core DVDs and they did look better so I can’t say I wouldn’t give another one of McMillian DVDs a shot.

Later I did upper body weights, abs and squats.

3 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 4 Day 5

  1. thumbs DOWN!

  2. Sorry you are disappointed with your purchase. Sometimes in various marathon training books, they have a section w/ these drills, including photos. I do the ones from Advanced Marathoning 2nd Ed. (Pfitzinger).

  3. I have the Pfitz book and have worn it out with the amount of times I've reread it. I think when it comes to drills I'm a visual learner because it requires coordination. Anyone who has done any type of drills (while in school or what have you) would probably pick up the moves much quicker. CJ

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