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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 1.1 Day 5.1

Today was 13 Miles Long W/ 8 Miles at Marathon Goal Pace. We chose to run around the ‘hood and make it 13.1 just to make it a HM. We warmed up the first 5 miles. We used Honey Stinger Gel for the first time and they were delish! I had “Gold” flavor and it was yummy honey goodness. It is quite sweet, but the consistency is thin so it’s easy to eat and it didn’t hurt my tummy.

A couple of cool things, I PRed! 1:48:54, 8:19 pace. I felt great the whole time too! The second, Rob ran the exact same time as me! So PR for him too. We actually didn’t run the last 8 together we both just made the pace our own, Rob went for even pacing and I picked it up at the end. Too funny that we ended up with the exact same finish time. 🙂