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Marathon Recovery: Week 5 Complete

All done with Chicago Marathon recovery! This week I missed some miles due to a soreness in my right heel. I backed off and that seemed to do the trick!

Our anniversary is today (Sunday) and Rob got me a necklace from Tiffany’s and surprised me with a dozen roses of Friday.

Me and my beautiful roses:

Then Saturday my heel was feeling better so we did a run around the neighboorhood. It was dark out so we busted out the headlamps. They put off a great amount of light and were totally comfortable to wear!

Then today we had the Jingle Bell 5K race and both PRed!

Here is how the recovery went:
M: Upperbody weights
T: 5 Miles GA (‘Hood, 39:31, 7:55 pace)
W: 7 Miles GA (Treadmill, 1% incline, 54:28, 7:47 pace)
R: Rest
F: Rest
Sa: 3.55 Miles GA (‘Hood, 29:01, 8:11 pace)
Su: 5K Race (Jingle Bell 5K, 22:25, 7:13 pace, 2nd AG)

Total: 18.65 Miles

Now it’s time to start our next full marathon training plan, 13 weeks until Mercedes Marathon!!


Jingle Bell – 5K – 22:25

Today was the Jingle Bell 5K in our town. It is also our anniversary! Six wonderful years of marriage!

Today’s race day was a wet and chilly one. It was about 44 degrees with a cold light rain and a slight breeze. The rain made it feel colder. I didn’t dress correctly and went with capri tights and a short sleeved shirt. Definitely should have worn a long sleeved shirt or arm warmers. My arms were frozen red by the end.

We lined up and had to wait awhile for the start. The race course was changed from previous years because it was a different part of town. The course was mostly flat with some slight inclines mixed in. We tried to watch our step as we a couple times where there were train tracks in the road going out and back. Otherwise a great course!

Rob and I both PRed! I got 22:25 and Rob got 22:00!!

Afterward we stood in the the line out in the rain that we thought was to get into the hotel instead it was the food line, after ditching that we made our way to the hotel ballroom.

Us after the race, all wet and cold.

I got 2nd in my age group! Me with my medal:

7:13 pace
F 30-34: 2/69
F: 8/468
Overall: 87/861