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Marathon Recovery: Week 2 Day 3

Today was busy, but a lot of fun! I am going to be modeling in a fashion show for charity in January. I had to send my measurements and I have to dig up some head and body shots to submit to the coordinator. I will be getting to wear clothes from some of my favorite stores in town. I will definitely need to be getting some strength training in!

Today was also our monthly wellness event at work where we get to run around the pond by our office. It will be the last one for the year and they should start back up again around April. I had meetings and ended up getting there later than I had hoped, but I got in 4.5 miles. I was in such a rush that I forgot a hair tie, but luckily I saw our friend Tanya and she graciously gave me one to borrow. Thanks Tanya! I ran without music and just relaxed into my thoughts. The weather was perfect for running, overcast, cool and breezy.

Later tonight I felt like I had some energy still so I did 30 mins on the bike and some ab work and squats on the BOSU.