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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 16 Day 6

Today is a rest day since tomorrow is the Marathon!!

We drove up to Chicago and had no issues getting stuck in traffic. After getting checked in we walked around Michigan Ave. We got some coffee and then went to Tiffany’s to get Rob’s wedding ring resized since it’s way too big now. Afterward we were figuring out where to get an early dinner and Rob said “why don’t we stop at Louis Vuitton and you pick out a purse”. OMG yeah!!

It was so fun going through the store and I eyed a precious purse that had to come home with us. It is a limited edition, only available at the global Louis Vuitton stores and it’s only a week old. I am SO excited!!

Afterward we made our way back to our hotel to get dinner. The restaurant had some amazing pasta dishes just for the marathon.

Us at the restaurant:

Rob got a pene pesto chicken:

And I got a cheese tortellini with tomato and zucchini:

We went back to the room and it was time to “undress” my new precious LV:

Oh baby!! I love the quilted texture!

Then we got a chance to meet up with Nicole from “The Marathon of Life” at Niketown. When we came up to the store we saw the had a wall with all of the names of the marathoners on it, how cool! We were lucky that our names were low enough on the wall to take a picture.

The marathoner wall:

Our names:

Then we got to meet Nicole, her boyfriend Brian, her mom and mom’s friend. They were SO nice! We chatted it up for awhile about all things marathon. I’m sure I talked her ear off. 🙂

Nicole and me at Niketown. I wasn’t sure who was taking the picture first so I’m looking at Brian’s camera, woops.

Nicole sent me the picture they took of us. Thanks Nicole!

Now it’s time to settle in for the evening and figure out what to wear…I brought all of my options so I’ve got some work to do. Good luck to everyone doing Chicago Marathon tomorrow!!