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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 12 Complete

This week of running went so much better than last week!

Saturday we flew over to Danville, IL for a fly in and checked out other aircraft.
Our plane and an AT-6 Texan taxi-ing in the background:

Some of the other airplanes:

The long run was awesome! This was our second time running 20 miles. The route we take is not flat and the extra bit of incline is a help since Chicago is pretty flat. It was a bit warmer for this 20 miler than the last. Overall the run felt really good! I had soreness crop up in different areas, but nothing sharp or concerning. I was able to sub-3 hour my run with 2:59:32, 8:59 pace! And I feel pretty good! I made sure to ice bath this time to help speed recovery. This is also my longest week of miles yet!

Here is how my running went:
M: .51 Miles Warm Up (4:51, 9:30 pace), 10K Race (Hilly and Humid, 49:44, 8:01 pace, 1st AG)
T: Rest
W: Bike Easy 7.6 Miles (30 mins, P4, L5, 15.2mph)
R: Bike Easy 3.9 Miles (15 mins Warm Up, P1, L4, 15.6mph), 7 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 59:21, 8:29 pace)
F: 7 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 59:16, 8:28 pace), Upper Body Weights
Sa: Rest
Su: 20 Miles Long (‘Hood, ‘Wood ‘Hood, 2:59:32, 8:59 pace)

Total: 40.71

And so that’s it! It’s taper time! We got a half marathon coming up and then it’s time to take it easy. I got a pedicure Saturday and went with a new good luck color from OPI’s fall collection “Give Me Moor”. I love it!