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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 14 Complete

Another week complete!

After our 5K yesterday we had a 40th birthday party to attend. Us at the party.

Today’s long run was 12 miles. I ran around the neighborhood before lunch. The temperature was 65 degrees with 17 mph winds. It was sunny, but still cool out.

Later that afternoon we had the first flight of our friend Terry’s plane. He built the same type of plane as ours, except the model is the 7A (tricycle gear instead of taildragger).
Us taxing over to Terry’s hanger.

Us before the flight in front of our plane.

Rob and I flew in our plane and took video and our friend Jack (with the same plane as ours) took one of Terry’s grandchildren in his plane and we followed Terry as he tested out this new ride. The flight went well!

Terry, Jack and Rob in front of Terry’s plane.

Here is how the week of running turned out:
M: Bike 8 Miles Easy (30 mins, P1, L4, 16mph), BOSU DVD Workout Segments I and II
T: 2 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 17:10, 8:35 pace)
W: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 41:40, 8:20 pace)
R: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 41:41, 8:21 pace)
F: Bike 7.9 Miles Easy (30 mins, P3, L5, 15.8 mph), 2 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 17:24, 8:42 pace), BOSU lower body strengthening
Sa: Warm Up (not recorded), 3.1 Mile Race (Company Park, 23:14, 7:28 pace, 3rd AG)
Su: 12 Miles Long (‘Hood, 1:43:03, 8:36 pace)

Total: 29.1


2009 United Way – 5K – 23:14

Today was a United Way 5K race that was sponsored by our company at our company park. This has been about its third year as a race, but our first time making it. It was surprising to pull in and find that we had people directing traffic and the attendance was quite large. Apparently last year they had about 300 5Kers and this year was guestimated around 600-700 5Kers (will have to say when the results are posted online).

The course was two laps of the park with the second lap included a bike path area. The temps were mild and there was a foggy mist in the air, it felt perfect out. Although the race has grown in size they have yet to do chips for this race, maybe they will consider it for next year based on the popularity.

The race itself went smoothly. I felt great the whole race. The two laps did mean that we had to maneuver large groups of walkers around 2.5 miles so I just said excuse me a lot. I just tried to be careful to not have someone change direction and step out in front of me, but it wasn’t annoying or anything. I was just happy to see so many from our company out there. It was funny to hear little kids say things like “why are they going so fast?” and a lot of “woah” and “jeez” as we all tried to make our way past. Rob was well ahead of me the entire race and fell out of view anytime we moved into a new section of the park so I knew he was feeling good as well.

We both PRed!
I came in at 23:14 and Rob was 22:31!!

I also got third in my age group! The age groups were larger than most races we run (30-39), but the awards went 5 deep.

Us and our fellow pilot buddys (Keith, Linda, Rob, Me, Tanya, Terry).

Me and my medal.

Medal up close.

7:28 pace
F 30-39: 3/92
F: 5/326
Overall: 42/596

And that’s it for racing before the marathon. We are missing some fun 5Ks and 10Ks for the marathon training, but it will be worth it. With fall being a popular race time sometimes it leaves us picking and choosing between events.