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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 10 Day 6

This week has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Lots of stress and also lots of joy. It was my birthday this week, which was fun! However, the week in general was more stressful than most. Of course the thing that made it at least feel better was rest and running. I gave up my cross training days over rest, but I have kept my running mileage for the week.

Today I got a different type of cross training when we decided to tear up our landscaping and pull out all the woodchips and mulch and put in rock. It was lots of heavy lifting and digging all afternoon. I’m so glad we did it too, it looks much nicer. Then I had 4 Miles Easy on the treadmill.

Tomorrow is the big kahuna – 20 miler. I feel ready and the temps are super mild. It won’t even reach 60 until noon! So we will take advantage and not rush out the door to beat the heat and instead take our time getting ready. I hope it goes well!!