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2009 Flanagan Fest – 5K – 23:25

This was an impromptu race for us. Last night we decided we would get up and drive over for the race.

The unusually cool temps of August made it somewhere around 55-60 degrees. This race weaved around the town. They had an interesting age group break down. Rob and I fell into the 25-34 age groupings. Being a small race I had a new experience of being second female overall. I was able to stay with first female for a while. Then at mile 2 she was able to pick up the pace. I was loving how strong I felt during the race. No other female came close to me so I was 2nd throughout.

Rob and I both PRed! Rob came in at 23:08 and I was in at 23:25! I got first in my age group!

Me with my medal:

7:33 pace
F 25-34: 1/?
F: 2/?
Overall: ?/?


Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 5

Is it seriously August? I have to ask because at the height of the afternoon when I went for my run it was 71 degrees with 13mph winds that were actually brisk because a storm is coming in. I ran in my running capri tights and wasn’t bad. That’s how perfect the weather was for running today.

I did 30 mins on the exercise bike with some hills to warm up and then headed out for 6 miles easy in the neighborhood. This run was special because it was effortless! I had no kinks or soreness, which is strange for me because with training I’ve become used to something not 100% somewhere. And this time was perfect! I felt like I was just floating along. So crazy! Did some ab work and now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the day!