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2009 Evergreen Lake – 5K – 23:45


This was an inagural 5K. It was 75 degrees, overcast and a bit windy (18mph with 24mph gusts).

I wasn’t sure how it would be since Rob and I had our half marathon on Sunday, but we both PRed!

Rob coming back for the finish:

Me coming back:

Rob came in at 23:18 and I did it in 23:45!! I got 3rd in my Age Group!

Me with my medal:

7:40 pace
F 30-34: 3/15
F: 15/95
Overall: 65/205

Tomorrow is our long run so I’m going to chill for the rest of the day.

9 thoughts on “2009 Evergreen Lake – 5K – 23:45

  1. You're on a roll! Congrats on the PR – what a rush!

  2. Congrats on the PR! What do you do with all the t-shirts you get from these races?

  3. 10yrs – Thanks!!Mere – Depends. The tech ones we keep and run in if they are guy sized I give them to Rob. We donate the t-shirts to good will. If the design is cool we will wear them a bit before donating them.

  4. Congrats! Awesome job!

  5. Great job! Congrats to both you and Rob for PRing!!! Its so cool that you both run & similar times too! I bet you guys have tons of fun together!!!I'm SO excited for Chicago! I hope your LR goes well! 🙂

  6. Excellent job on the PR! You are going to ROCK your marathon. I can't wait!

  7. Way to go, what an excellent PR for both of you AGAIN!P.S. You always have the best running pics.

  8. Thanks guys! I hope the marathon goes well. Fingers crossed that there won't be heat like Chicago Marathon '07, today's long run in the heat was rough!CJ

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