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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 10 Complete

I completed my first 20 miler! And I feel pretty great considering! It was just one of those LRs where everything went perfect. The temps were super mild. We got up at 4am to check the weather and let the dog out. Since it wasn’t going to break 60 degrees until noon (is this seriously August?) we weren’t in any hurry.

We went back to sleep and got up at 6:30am to have breakfast. I went with two slices of low cal wheat toast with almond butter and coffee. I love my coffee. With the previous stomach issues and never really feeling quite right on Gu or Bloks I decided to whip up my own refueling snack. I took low cal whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of almond butter and a squirt of honey, folded in half and wrapped up three of them individually into sandwich baggies. I was able to tote them in the back of my Sugoi tank top. We set out from our house and ran two miles out then turned around to head back at the house where our water and G2 was sitting out for us. That made the run chunk up into 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and worked out great. I ate 2.5 of my new sandwich snacks, a whole one at 4 and then halves at 8, 12, 16. They were gooey from being warmed up from my body heat, but man they were delicious. And no stomach issues at ALL!

Also during the run I had no IT band issues flare up and no major pains while running. I had a slight dullness in my right hip at mile 16.5, but it went away or my elation caused me to ignore it. I couldn’t stop grinning cause I felt so good. I got welled up with emotion at mile 19.5 cause I was just so happy to be feeling so good. At 20 miles I threw up my hands and shouted ‘Yes! 20!’ and walked a bit while laughing with tears and smiling. I really didn’t feel beat up. I felt like I had ran 20 miles, but I didn’t feel worked over. I feel like the full is possible, especially with a nice taper. I kept pretty even pacing throughout and finished with a 9:12 pace. I only hope the next 20 miler feels as good. *fingers crossed*

I finally broke past my 31.x mile weeks this week by getting to 37.
Here is how the crazy week ended up:
M: Bike 8.7 miles (P4, L5, 17.4mph), Arms, Shoulders, Abs
T: Rest
W: Rest
R: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:41 pace)
F: 8 Miles Speedwork (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:02 pace w/4x1600s @ 7:24 pace)
Sa: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:50 pace)
Su: 20 Miles Long (‘Hood, ‘Wood ‘Hood, 9:12 pace)

Total: 37 Miles


Chicago Marathon Training: Week 10 Day 6

This week has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Lots of stress and also lots of joy. It was my birthday this week, which was fun! However, the week in general was more stressful than most. Of course the thing that made it at least feel better was rest and running. I gave up my cross training days over rest, but I have kept my running mileage for the week.

Today I got a different type of cross training when we decided to tear up our landscaping and pull out all the woodchips and mulch and put in rock. It was lots of heavy lifting and digging all afternoon. I’m so glad we did it too, it looks much nicer. Then I had 4 Miles Easy on the treadmill.

Tomorrow is the big kahuna – 20 miler. I feel ready and the temps are super mild. It won’t even reach 60 until noon! So we will take advantage and not rush out the door to beat the heat and instead take our time getting ready. I hope it goes well!!


Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Complete

What a day! It was so gorgeous out that we planned to take a flight for lunch to somewhere new so we went to the Ozarks, Osage Beach, MO to check out the area. It was a great flight!

We went to lunch at a place called City Grill. We had blackened tilapia sandwiches with fries, and it was very good! After some driving around we headed back and flew home.

As soon as we got back we got ready for our long runs. I had 16 and Rob had 13 to do. Within the first 4 miles my stomach started to feel gross. I’ve had an upset tummy on a long run before so I figured it was just going to annoy me and nothing more. Well…just at 7 miles my stomach was NOT good. I barely made it home for an emergency pit stop. I knew the only way to save my run was to finish on our treadmill so I would have a bathroom option right away. I had awful stomach aches and had to stop again in 2 miles. The bouncing of running was unbearable. I was done. I had to lie down and rest and eventually felt a little better.

I think this is something that I did to myself unknowingly. According to the many links I found on the subject there are a few places things that could have went wrong today. I had a lot of diet coke at lunch. I love the stuff and we don’t keep it in the house so when I get it out somewhere I tend to drink way too much of it. Especially if it’s free refills. Additionally, I was notably dehydrated. I had commented how I should have drank water cause I was feeling dehydrated during the flight home. And throw in our lunch and I guess it was the perfect storm. Normally our long runs are done in the morning, but there are times where we do them later in the day and I need to keep better mind of my hydration and food for the day than I did today. I hope that is all it is and can be corrected before my next long run, which is 20 miles. I guess it’s better to get this lesson now than during a race or when I’m training away from home, but it is frustrating because my body felt good otherwise and I was ready to have a good 16 miler. Another time I guess.

I tivoed the women’s marathon world championships and got to watch it. I was sad for Kara that she got 10th and it appeared that the race wasn’t going well for her.

Here is how my training week went:
M: Bike 9 Miles (P1, L5, 18mph), Abs, Arms and Chest
T: 7 Miles Tempo (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:12 pace w/3 @ 8:00)
W: 6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1-1.5% incline, 8:36 pace)
R: Rest
F: Bike 8.6 Miles (Hills, P3, L5, 17.2mph), 6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 8:53mph)
Sa: .67 Miles Easy (Warm Up, 9:13 pace), 5K Race (7:33 pace, 1st AG, 2nd OF)
Su: 6.98 Miles Long (‘Hood, 9:12 pace), 2.02 Miles Long (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:43 pace)

Total Running Miles: 31.77


2009 Flanagan Fest – 5K – 23:25

This was an impromptu race for us. Last night we decided we would get up and drive over for the race.

The unusually cool temps of August made it somewhere around 55-60 degrees. This race weaved around the town. They had an interesting age group break down. Rob and I fell into the 25-34 age groupings. Being a small race I had a new experience of being second female overall. I was able to stay with first female for a while. Then at mile 2 she was able to pick up the pace. I was loving how strong I felt during the race. No other female came close to me so I was 2nd throughout.

Rob and I both PRed! Rob came in at 23:08 and I was in at 23:25! I got first in my age group!

Me with my medal:

7:33 pace
F 25-34: 1/?
F: 2/?
Overall: ?/?


Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 5

Is it seriously August? I have to ask because at the height of the afternoon when I went for my run it was 71 degrees with 13mph winds that were actually brisk because a storm is coming in. I ran in my running capri tights and wasn’t bad. That’s how perfect the weather was for running today.

I did 30 mins on the exercise bike with some hills to warm up and then headed out for 6 miles easy in the neighborhood. This run was special because it was effortless! I had no kinks or soreness, which is strange for me because with training I’ve become used to something not 100% somewhere. And this time was perfect! I felt like I was just floating along. So crazy! Did some ab work and now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the day!