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Dog Days – 5K – 24:10


This race is in the evening and it was nice and warm: 84 degrees and sunny. The sun made the race quite a sweaty one!

Us heading out. Yes, it’s a bit warm:

Rob coming back, about a .5 Mile to go. I’m in black on the right (bib 4):

And me:

I got Third in my Age Group with 24:10! Rob got Third in his Age Group with 24:04!

Here we are sweaty with our medals:

7:48 pace
F 30-34: 3/12
Overall: 88/214

Afterward we came home to grill out. And did I wear my medal while we grilled? Heck yeah I did. 😉

Tomorrow is my long run of 14 miles so I need to rest up.

7 thoughts on “Dog Days – 5K – 24:10

  1. You did awesome…again!!I rock my medals all day, too. You earned the right, too!

  2. Congrats, sounds like a good run. 🙂

  3. Great job on the run. What time was your evening race?

  4. It was at 6pm. It wasn't like that 8K you did at 10pm, that would be sweet!CJ

  5. Congratulations! And way to go on your 14-miler as well!

  6. Awww you guys look like super fasties out there!!! Next race, I promise I'm joining 🙂 well… for the beginning part anyway haha. Great job guys!!!

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