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Turkey Festival – 5K – 23:47


It was 62 degrees and muggy today for the race. This race had just a few turns, which is nice.

Our friends Dan, Michelle, Dylan, Cole “Cody”, and Celestia where there, which always makes racing more fun to have a fun group to hang out with.

I was 23:47 and got 1st in my Age Group! Rob came in at 23:26. New PRs for both of us!!

Rob and Me:



Here is me with my award:

7:40 pace
F 30-34: 1/14
Overall: 102/312

Thanks Dan and Michelle for the pictures!

11 thoughts on “Turkey Festival – 5K – 23:47

  1. Congrats! That is awesome!

  2. CONGRATS!Woohoo! That is a kick ass time!

  3. Congrats on your time! That's really awesome! 🙂

  4. Congrats on the PRs! you are so freakin fast!

  5. Thanks guys!! :DCJ

  6. Congratulations!!

  7. Yeah- your first 1st place AG award! Congratulations on a job well done!

  8. Great job! Congrats on the PR to you both!!!! 🙂

  9. WOW another PR! I am speechless, and I so hope my own progress follows in your foot steps. Congrats to the hubby too.

  10. I knew you guys had to have PR'd cause you were standing around for quite a while before I came in 🙂 And I promise I'll get the pics downloaded tonight so that you can post yours too! Congrats to you and Rob!!!

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