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Cherry Festival – 5K – 24:10

The weather was perfect for a race: 57 degrees, 3mph winds, with the sun peeking in and out. This was our first time doing this particular race.

The course had a lot of turns for a 5K. It started off through a subdivision with a few turns, and then turned onto a major road, followed by a turn to the paved trail and then a couple more turns to get back down the road to finish near a fitness facility. The frequent turning did make the race go by so quickly, I was just hoping my knee wouldn’t be too taxed by it all. This race also had a lot of low graded, but frequent rolling hills. The trail had some over flooding which caused a couple spots for traversing some water.

I’m happy to report that Rob and I both PRed!!

I came in at 24:10 and Rob was 23:33!!

7:47 pace
F 30-34: 4/34
Overall: 99/362


2009 Operation Santa – 4M – 31:50

This race is put on by the Peoria Chiefs baseball team to send care packages to the troops.

The weather was 64 degrees, overcast, drizzle and windy. The course is three loops around downtown and finishing by running the outfield and then to home plate at the Peoria Chiefs’ stadium.

I PRed!! 31:50 And I got 2nd in my Age Group!!

Rob also PRed with 31:43!!

Rob and me:

Me with my sweet award:

Up close shot of the award:

7:58 pace
F 30-34: 2/14
Overall: 74/262


Building Mileage: Week 5 of 7

This week I did not end up building mileage. Instead it was more like recovery week part 2. I wasn’t feeling 100% and decided to back off than force the mileage. I’m going to repeat last week’s plan again. Even without the mileage I had a some nice runs that included running around our company lake and PRing at a 5K.

This memorial weekend was packed with shopping, dinner with friends, races and flying.

Here is Rob and I at lunch with my family we flew down to see them for the afternoon:

Here is what my week looked like:
M: Rest
T: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:50 pace)
W: 6 Miles Easy (Company Lake, 18mph winds, 9:06 pace), Legs and Abs
R: Rest
F: Rest
Sa: 5K Race (7:52 pace)
Su: 3.47 Miles Easy (Park, 9:13 pace)

Total Miles: 17.57


Chilli – 5K – 24:26

It was a beautiful day for a race. Sunny, 63 degrees, no wind, just gorgeous. The course is a run through the town’s downtown area then a loop down near the IL river (which is flooded and came up to the race course) and back the way we came.

My knee was feeling better so I went without the knee brace today.

I PRed!! 24:26 And I got 2nd in my Age Group!

Rob also PRed with 23:53!!

Me getting my award:

Me and my award:

7:52 pace
F 30-34: 2/10
Overall: 69/148


Go with it!

I got a low profile knee brace to wear to hopefully help keep my knee strong so I can keep running, and it has worked great! I wore it yesterday for 5 Miles Easy on the treadmill at an 8:50 pace and I had no IT Band pain.

Then today was a company run around our campus lake. I had 6 Miles Easy so I got to road test my knee in the brace and again it was great! I did a nice and easy 9:06 pace and enjoyed the crap out of the run. It was 80 degrees and 18mph winds. The lake had sunshine gleaming off of it like it was a mirror. There were lilac bushes around the lake in full bloom and the had the most fragrant smell of spring. And I saw one bunny, which I say “hi bunny” when I see them even if people think I’m crazy.

Favorite Running Song Today:
“Go with what you got while you got it.” – Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, “Cornbread”