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Half Training: Week 15 of 16 Complete

The last week of hard training for my next half actually turned out to be enjoyable all around. I feel like my running is going really well. I feel like I’m finding a new gear in my long and short distances and I’m excited to keep the momentum going.

I’m so thankful to report that I was able to get my 5K races in while completing this important week with no problems or injury.

Here is what this week looked like:
M: Rest
T: 8 Mile Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: 11 Miles Long Run
F: 3 Miles Easy Run
Sa: .56 Miles Warm Up, 3.1 Miles Race
Su: .66 Mile Warm Up, 3.1 Miles Race

Total: 29.4

I’m looking forward to having a strong race at the Illinois Marathon. I’m also excited for the rest of my training this year because I’ll be taking my weekly mileage to a new level. I’ll be using a new type of training plan (Pfitz) and learning so much about longer distance training.

This coming week is taper week, which means I’ll be resting quite a bit. I’ll be getting a massage and pedicure which will be such a nice treat.

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CCHS – 5K – 25:15

The weather was not great, just as expected. It was about 40 degrees, no sun, windy, and drizzly during our warm up. It could have been worse, as we left the post race party the rain was really coming down.

The course leaves a high school and heads to a small park for a short loop and then into a subdivision. At about 2.5 miles the race goes back through the same small park and then finishes on the high school track.

I was feeling okay considering we had raced and set PRs yesterday, but I could tell my body wasn’t fully recovered. Sometime after the second mile my shoe came untied! It is so annoying!! I know I have to double knot my shoe laces (due to previous races), but I somehow forgot and then had to stop and deal with it.



No PR today, but I got my second fastest time in 5K so far. Rob also had his second fastest time with 25:48!!

Sweaty finishers (Mike, Me, Rob, and Michelle):

We all (Me, Rob, Mike, Jayme, William, Dan, Michelle and Dylan) waited around for the results and enjoyed the grub.

I got 3rd in my Age Group!

Me and my medal. Good to know that I have a lot of reflection for running on the roads.

Me and Michelle. She got 2nd in her Age Group!

My Splits:
Mile 1: 7:57
Mile 2: 8:17
Mile 3: 8:12
.1 Mile: :49

8:08 splits

My Stats:
3rd in AG.
F 30-34: 3/16
Overall: 50/185

Now it’s taper time baby!!

Updated with more pictures: Thanks Dan and Michelle!