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Ice Ice Baby

This post is a shout out any newbies like me who may not know the logistics of an ice bath. I hope this post keeps someone from making the mistakes I did with my first one.

My first ice bath was following my first half marathon. In retrospect I should have done them on my longer training runs or after a hard race, because they are truly amazing, as long as they are done correctly.

So first, what I did wrong. After my first half marathon I knew I needed an ice bath since I had heard so much about the benefits on various forums. What I had not read was actually how to set one up. So in the hotel I ran the bath water as cold as possible and dumped in a ton of ice. Then I did the unthinkable and stepped into this bath of pain. The cold was so awful that I instantly started to shake and cry. I held Rob’s hand as I questioned my sanity and sat down in this extremely painful bath of ice water. It worked, I was definitely well iced. But the experience left me shaking so hard and crying that I found the terrible experience outweighed any benefits.

Luckily I posted how awful it felt and was educated on the correct way to do an ice bath. I have since used the advice given to me and find ice baths beneficial and not a painful experience, thank goodness!

A better way to ice bath:
Fill the tub with cold (but not freezing water). The water should be tolerable to step into. Wear a stocking cap, long sleeved shirt rolled up to stay out of the water, and have some hot tea for drinking. Sit in the bath and then add more cold water. Then add ice. Then continue to add cold water as you adjust to the temperature. Sip the tea and stay in the bath approximately 15 mins. Afterward, dry off and wait for skin to warm up before taking a hot shower.

Maybe I’m the only one who did this the incorrect way, but there you go, a better way to ice bath.

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Half Training: Week 11 of 16 Complete

I was mistaken about this week, I thought I was going to be building my mileage, but it actually called for the same miles, just broken down a different way.

This week was good running-wise. I didn’t cross train or strength train enough so I will be getting back to that in the upcoming week because it’s a recovery week.

I had my long run today of 10 miles to complete. My left calf was feeling tight and I had to make a deal with it that I would take the pace easy. This worked out for the best anyways because a storm was rolling in and I was able to get my run outside, but the headwinds provided some good resistance training. It was earthworm city out there today. I did my best to keep good form, but dodge as many as possible to keep from killing them. I’m sure to an outsider I looked pretty funny zigging and zagging for no obvious reason. It actually was a nice little game avoiding the squishy little land minds as I ran. Taking the pace slower allowed me to focus on my form and then all of a sudden at mile 6 my calf pain disappeared altogether. I continued to take it easy to not push my luck, plus it was super windy anyways. Afterward I stretched and the pain did not come back so I’m better than when I left! An ice bath and an upcoming recovery week are my reward.

Here is what the week looked like:
M: Bike 45 Mins
T: 7 Miles Tempo Run
W: 2 Miles Easy Run
T: Rest (Happy Hour with Friends)
F: Rest (Deep Tissue Massage, No Workout Allowed)
Sa: .40 Easy Warm Up, 3.1 Miles Race
Su: 10 Miles Long Run

Total Running Miles: 22.5