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Half Training: Week 5 of 16 Complete

Another week of training completed! I am having to fight back the urge to do more than my training plan calls for now. I have a hard time being patient.

I had to adjust my training days to get my mileage in around a 5K race and a pedicure. I was supposed to put in my 7 mile run in on the same night as my pedicure, but according to my salon it takes 1.5 hours for the nail polish to fully dry. So I ended up moving my long run to the day before the 5K race. Normally I would prefer to cross train the day before a race, but I needed to get my half training completed.

So here is what the week looked like:
M: Bike 40 Mins, Pushups, Abs, Legs
T: Bike 20 Mins, 6 Miles Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: Rest (Pedicure)
F: 7 Miles Long Run (threw in a mile sprint to mix things up)
Sa: .47 Mile Easy Run (Warm up for Race), 5K Race
Su: 1 Mile Easy Run, Pushups, Abs, Legs

Total Running Miles: 17.57

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Frosty – 5K – 26:58

This race was a pretty cold one! 8 degrees with a winds at 7mph. The wind chill made it -3 degrees.

We had a few friends who ran too so it was nice to have other runners I know out there.

Picture of the start of the race:

I was pretty layered up, two long sleeves, fleece, lined tights, cold weather socks, gloves and ninja mask. The chilly air was one thing, but the more challenging part of this race was the amount of snow and and ice on quite a bit of the running path. We had a “heat wave” of almost 40 degrees a couple days ago, but apparently that didn’t clear this path. I did slip around a bit.

The other interesting thing was the finish. It was tucked just around a corner and was out of view. So it snuck up as a surpise. I was expecting to see the finish clock further away which always causes me to speed up, this time it was a surprise.

I finished in 26:58 and got third place in my age group!

I had my Garmin so here were the splits that it recorded:
Mile 1: 8:32
Mile 2: 8:34
Mile 3: 8:49
.1 Mile: 1:03

Getting started:

Coming back and realizing we are at the finish:

Michelle and me after the race:

The post race party. Rob and Dan each got a beer flight that came on a paddle:

Me and my medal, third place for age group!

Michelle and me with our medals. She got third place in her age group!

Rob and me:

I’m so glad the 2009 race season has begun!

Updated with more pics: Thanks Michelle and Dan for the pictures!

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Product Review: Yak Trax Pro and Under Armour Face Mask

To Yak or not to Yak, that is the question. I took my new Yak Trax out for their first spin today. I wasn’t sure if the road conditions were Yak worthy, the ice and snow was patchy due to lack of plowing in our neighborhood. I decided to give them and try and worst case I could take them off.

If you haven’t seen them before, they are a strong rubber netting that has metal coils wrapped around the netting. They stretch to fit over the bottom of the shoe. Like chains for tires, except for your feet.

They did feel different at first, but not a major change. The coils didn’t affect my feet or anything. I could tell a difference that I wasn’t sliding around like I would have in just shoes. Definitely worth the purchase.

Now for the Under Armour Face Mask, aka: Ninja Mask. It’s a thin, but insulated hood with a face covering that can be pulled up over the nose so only my eyes were exposed. I loved this thing! It smushed my nose some, but I could breathe well through my mouth and it really kept the air warm. When I got warmed up and would have my back to the wind I would pull the face part down to my chin. Then I would pull it back up when I had the wind in my face. I’m sure I looked like a running/ninja/burglar/crazy woman out there. It was fun 🙂 So glad I got this mask!

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Half Training: Week 4 of 16 Complete

Cue the Rocky theme music….today’s run was so much fun, but more on that later.

This was a recovery week so my mileage was lower so I spent more time cross training (got in 33 miles on my exercise bike on a higher level and worked on weights). Temperatures have been below zero most days causing me to run more on the treadmill than I normally would like. I combat this by doing my treadmill runs at a faster pace than scheduled. I always run with a either .5% or 1% incline. Because this was a recovery week I did rolling hills by adjusting the incline on the treadmill for one of my runs.

So today’s run….The sun is shining and the temps this morning were 11 degrees, with the wind chill (11 mph winds) it was 4-6 degrees. So I donned my ninja mask, winter socks, under armour lined tights, under armour long sleeved shirt, nike light long sleeved top, fleece and yak trax. I’ll write a tiny product review of the Yak Trax and ninja mask in a little bit. The run was good! It was an easy run day so I did it at a “don’t fall on my ass” pace because the roads varied in amounts of ice and snow. It was so nice to be out in the brisk air, but feeling warm. It felt like a Rocky moment, take that Apollo Creed!

Here is what the week looked like:
M: Bike 45 Mins, Legs and Abs
T: Bike 15 Mins (warm up), 4 Miles Easy Run (rolling hills)
W: Rest
R: Rest
F: Bike 13 Mins (warm up), 4 Miles Easy Run
Sa: Bike 45 Mins, Bowflex Shoulders, Back and Arms
Su: 4 Miles Easy Run

Total Running Miles: 12

Now it’s time to start building mileage again. I can’t wait!

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Half Training: Week 3 of 16 Complete

Week 3 of 16 went very well! Plus I got some new goodies: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8s, Under Armour Hat w/mask (aka: ninja mask), and Yak Trax Pros.

I have been on the same brand and model of shoe for over a year and a half now. I feel that I’ve had the best luck with them so far so I’m going to stick with them until something changes. I also use the Superfeet insoles (in berry), which are awesome for my running needs.

I haven’t tried out my other goodies yet, the weather was too good on Friday to need them.

So to the half training….the plan I use does three weeks of building mileage and then has a recovery week and then repeats the cycle while adding mileage. Since next week will be a recovery week I hope to spend some time on my strength training.

Here is what week 3 looked like:
M: Bike 30 mins, Push Ups, Abs
T: Bike 13 mins to warm up, 5 Miles Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: Rest
F: 7 Miles Long Run
Sa: Bike 30 mins, Bowflex Chest and Back, Abs
Su: Bike 30 mins, 2.5 Miles Easy Run, Abs

Total Running Miles: 14.5