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Festival of Lights – 4 Mile – 35:05

Each race is a learning experience and this one was no different. The lesson this time, to double knot my shoe laces. I had to stop and re-tie my shoes twice. I probably would have broke my current PR if it weren’t for that. Oh well. Weather was 37ish with barely any wind. This race is a gradual downhill most of the way (making it normally a good time to set a new record). It was less downhill than I recall so I guess my other races have put it in perspective.

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Turkey Trot – 4 Mile – 36:53

43 degrees, sunny and windy. This race is the oldest in Peoria, IL. I did a one mile warm up before the race. The course was very challenging with the massive Peoria hills.

3rd place for Age Group!

Coming back from the hills, about 2.5 miles.

The course finished up with .75 mile on the grass.

My sweet turkey trophy.

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Covey’s Race – 3 Mile Cross Country – 27:33

This race is all grass with gradual incline three times in the race (can kind of tell by the picture). It was a beautiful day for a race. I took 2 minutes off my time from last year and I was happy with how it went since I have reduced my mileage as a part of recovering from my injuries. 4th place for my age group.